About Twin Cedars Winery

Home is where our story begins...

Over thirty years ago, we built our home on Issaquah’s Tiger Mountain. Located at the foothills of the Cascades, we worked and raised our family among the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and our landmark “twin cedars.”

In time, our passion for wine took us to a new level... familiarizing ourselves with winemaking and Washington’s exceptional grape-producing regions. Through education, experimentation, and associating ourselves with local wines, growers and top winemakers, Dona and I began producing our own varieties of wines.

While we currently produce a limited amount of these wines, we are certain you, like so many of our friends and family, will find the exceptional Northwest flavors in every glass.

Rod and Dona Ahrens
exceptional wines handcrafted from grapes grown in Washington State's premier appellations

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